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Family Histories/Names

What Are They?

  • Surname (Last Name) Files

  • Family Histories

  • Obituaries

  • Cemetery Records

  • Marriage Records

  • Birth Records

  • News Clippings

  • Church Records

  • Probate Records

  • School Records

  • Yearbooks

  • Property Records

  • Photographs

What CAN They Tell You?

  • Who someone is

  • Who they are related to

  • When were they born

  • Where did they live

  • Where did they go to school

  • Where did they go to church

  • Where did they die

  • Did they do anything significant

  • Where and whom did they marry

  • Did they have any hobbies

  • What was their occupation

  • Did they experience a significant event

  • Did they have legal issues

  • What did they look like

Online Resources

Where Are Family Records Located?


The 2 main places to look for family name information is in the Surname (Last Name) file folders, which are organized alphabetically by Last Name and the Family Histories located on these two shelves in boxes. The family histories are complied works that have been donated to the library.

Another great place to look for information is the "History of Ottawa County, Ohio and Its Families" book. 


Random information about people and families can be spread out across the history room in variety of diffrent places. It honestly depends on what kind of information about a person you are look for. Check out some of the other tip pages for those specific areas.

We also have Family Notebooks that are full of random clippings about people and families. 


Notice the red stickers with a 1 on these notebooks. This corresponds with the drawers in this card catalog that contains the index for these notebooks. The cards are alphabetical by last name and see specific page numbers in the notebooks for individuals. 

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