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Making A Donation

The Harris-Elmore Public Library & Genoa Branch Library are very grateful for all of the wonderful donations that we receive from patrons and the community!

Monetary Donations

The Harris-Elmore Public Library & Genoa Branch Library greatly appreciate monetary donations of any size.




If you’d like to make a monetary donation to the library, please make checks payable to the “Harris-Elmore Public Library” or "Genoa Branch Library" & either mail them to us or bring them to the Front Desk.



You can also make a donation to both libraries online via Paypal

If there is a specific item or type of item that you would like your donation to go toward, please don’t hesitate to ask!  We’re happy to work with you.

We will also happily provide a receipt letter for tax purposes.

Pay by Check
Pay Online

The library is always honored when community members think of us to memorialize loved ones.  Many patrons will donate books or make monetary contributions to be used to buy books (or other items) that their loved ones would have enjoyed.


The library puts nameplates in these books, honoring the person who has passed away.


Patrons also sometimes make monetary donations – big or small – in remembrance of a loved one.  We are happy to work with you to find the best way to honor the memory of your loved one.

Used Books

Our Used Book Sales raise hundreds of dollars each year for the library and we couldn’t do it without your donations!

Please bring used books to the Front Desk.  If you have a large amount of books, let us know and we’ll happily help you bring them in.  If you’d like, you can request a form for tax purposes that lists your donations.

Please check books before bringing them in to make sure that they are not moldy.  Mold poses a serious health risk and makes the books unusable.  We hope that you will take the time to throw all moldy books away before bringing in your donation.

We also cannot accept books that are falling apart or water-damaged or in otherwise poor condition.  Please save us time by not including these books in your donation.

If we are not able to use your books in our Circulating Collection, they will go on the Book Sale.  If they cannot be used in the Book Sale, we will distribute them to other areas they may have need of them or we will recycle them.

Prizes for Programs

The library offers many programs that depend on local businesses and organizations donating prizes.

If you are interested in donating prizes, we would just love to hear from you!

Besides being a great help to us, donating prizes can also be very advantageous to business owners by raising awareness of your business and by bringing in new people.

We are also happy to provide letters for tax purposes.

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