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(3 at each Library Location)

7 Day Loan

Chromebook Lending – Agreement & Guidelines for Borrowing and Use

General Guidelines

  • Chromebooks have a 7-day checkout period with the option of a 7-day renewal, provided there are no “holds” on the item.  If there is a hold on the Chromebook, it cannot be renewed.

  • Borrowers must be 18 years of age or older and in good standing at the library (no lost materials or accrued fees of over $10.00)

  • Chromebooks must be returned by the date that they are due. There will be a one-day grace period where you will not be charged a fine, but the Chromebook will be deactivated by library closing on its due date.

  • Overdue Chromebooks will have a charge of $25 (after the 1-day grace period) with a maximum of $350.

  • Chromebooks will be remotely deactivated by 8pm on their due date.  All profiles will also be erased.

  • Chromebooks are available for local users by reservation via our catalog, phone call or library visit. 

  • No one may check out more than one Chromebook during the checkout period.


Legal Propriety


  •  I will comply with trademark and copyright laws and all license agreements.  Ignorance of the law is not immunity.

  • The library is not responsible for any misuse, harm, or any other result due to patron use of the Chromebook.

  • Any attempt to alter data or the configuration of the Chromebook is strictly prohibited and may be considered an act of vandalism and subject to full replacement cost value.

  • The library is not responsible for lost information and it is my responsibility to save my files. All stored files will be deleted (reset) when the Chromebook is returned or deactivated.



Protection & Storage

  • I am personally and financially responsible for any and all equipment checked out to me, including the full replacement costs of the Chromebook and any of its accessories if lost, stolen or damaged.

  • I am responsible for any damages not listed as existing damage at the time of check out.

  • I will immediately report any problems, loss or damages of any equipment checked out to me.

  • I will log off the internet and shut down the Chromebook before closing and returning it to the library.

  • Chromebooks must be returned by their due dates to the Circulation Desk, NOT in the book drop.

  • Please do not leave the Chromebook in areas of extreme heat/cold, water, excessive dirt, or dangerous activity.


The library reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who abuses equipment or is repeatedly late in returning electronic devices


If I fail to comply with the above regulations, the following fines and fees will be applied to my library account:


Damage costs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. I will be charged for repairs up to the full replacement cost of the Chromebook and its associated materials.


Overdue fee:   $25 per day

Carrying case: $15

Charger: $30

Chromebook: $350

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