Harris-elmore & genoa libraries litboxes!

Listen up teens and adults! If you love to read, then this is for you! LitBox is a once a month book box filled with Library themed items, snacks, books, and more!

All yours to keep!

Each month, the box will have a new fun theme! It will be filled with an assortment of goodies and a new teen/adult book, that relate to that theme, as well as assorted library stuff, like bookmarks and program flyers.

Please note: Some teen books have mature content in them

2021 Box Topics!

August                     Sweet Treats

September                     Fantasy

October                         Horror

November            Autobiography

December      Christmas Surprise!

Watch a quick video on LitBoxes: What they are, and how to get one. Watch HERE!

here's how it works!

Registration Form

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. ALL spaces must be filled. If you are re-registering, make sure you bring us your empty Litbox!

1. Submit your form

We have a limited number of boxes, so first come, first serve. We hope to expand in the future, but right now there are only 10 boxes per Library. (That means 10 at Elmore & 10 at Genoa)


Also: ONE box per family.

Please keep that in mind as you fill out your form that you MUST include which Library you will be picking up your Litbox from.

We will keep a wait list, so if you were not within the first ten to sign up one month, your name will be one of the first for the next month.

2. boxes will be ready for pickup the third week of the month

We will call and let you know when your box is ready, and you can pick it up at your earliest convenience. We will check the box out on your account to be due back in a week (the empty box, not the inside goodies)

3. Take home and enjoy!

This is the easiest part: Open the box and enjoy! Share your Litbox joy with us on our social media pages, tell your friends, and if you liked it, sign up for next months and do it all over again!

Before signing up again, make sure you bring us your empty Litbox! In order to keep this a free service for every body, help us by returning your empty box to be re-used!


You will not be able to get another box until your previous empty box is returned.

August Sign-up
August 1st!