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Curb-Side Service Orders

Curb-Side Pickup Directions

Even though the library is OPEN to the public, you can still order items online & we will deliver it to your vehicle in the library parking lot.


Fill out the form below and we will have your items ready for pick up!


We will be taking orders and placing them for pick up between:

10:00am-7:30pm  Monday - Thursday

10:30am-4:30pm on Saturdays

Also feel free to call us for orders, order via the chat option at the bottom of the page, or visit our online catalog to reserve items.

Elmore Library   (419) 862-2482

Genoa Library    (419) 855-3380


Thanks for submitting!

  •  When orders are received, please allow 20-30 minutes for staff to locate, check out, and bag your order


  • If we do not have a particular requested item we will call you back ASAP to discuss alternatives


  • When you arrive for pickup, park in a spot in the parking lot and stay in your vehicle.  

  • Call the library (there are signs posted with the library phone #). We will then deliver your items to your vehicle.

  • If you do not pick up your order by closing on a particular day, we will hold it and you can pick up the next day. Please call when you arrive for pick up.


  • If you have a question or a problem, please call the library


  • If you do not have a phone, please check in with the door monitor to get your materials.


We are happy to bring curbside pickup capabilities to the SEO Libraries App. "Click & Collect" is a safe and convenient way for patrons to pick up “on-hold” items from the library using their smartphone.

Patrons can safely wait in their vehicle while a member of the staff brings the items out to them.

This can only be used on your smart device FOR ITEMS THAT ARE ALREADY ARE ON HOLD.  If you would like to request a hold or choose a day in the future to pick up your items, please fill in the form on this page, call the library or talk to us via the chat box.

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