1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Learning to read begins before your child starts school.  


Reading aloud every day is one of the best ways to help prepare your child for school.

If you read 3 books a day, you can read 1,095 books in a year!

Sign up your child (birth to kindergarten) at the library or online at Wandoo Reader.  You can keep track of your progress online or via paper and win prizes along the way!

Each time you complete a milestone of 100 titles

(you can use the same titles more than once!)

you will receive a sticker!

Ask a Librarian for more info!

Online Sign Up Instructions

100 Titles:
Your Photo on Our Board
250 Titles:
Tote Bag
500 Titles:
Choice of Book
1000 Titles:
1000 Books T-Shirt

Sign up your child (birth to kindergarten) by :


·         Clicking JOIN HERE!

·         Enter Age & Birthday

·         Enter your Childs Name

·         Enter a Username, a Password, Phone # & Location (Library Name)


You can also sign up multiple children on one account by clicking Family Management Portal


·        Click Family Management Portal

·        Click JOIN HERE!

·        Enter YOUR Name, Email & a Password

·        Check your email to verify your account

·        Return to login with your email & password

·        Add children using ADD NEW USER

·        Follow the prompts—MAKE SURE ALL KIDS have a different username, but they all must have YOUR REGISTERED EMAIL & YOUR PASSWORD (this way they can all show up in your portal)


(If you need assistance with this, please call the library)

Every time you read a book, you can log it here by:


·        Identifying the NUMBER of titles that you read with your child (you can count the same title more than once!) 

·        You can also choose to write in each title if you wish, but it is not required. We only need the NUMBER of books read.