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Wifi Hotspots


Play Games.  Connect your Devices.  Stream Videos.

Our Mobile Hotspots are your Internet Connection

at home or on the go!

Check one out from the Library TODAY!

(5 at each Library Location)

7 Day Loan

Mobile Hotspot – Agreement & Guidelines for Borrowing and Use

General Guidelines

  • Borrowers will have access to the internet via Hotspot made available by the library

  • Borrowers are responsible for ethical & legal use of the Hotspot's technology

  • Borrower agrees that the transmission of any material that is in violation of any state or federal law is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to confidential information, copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, and computer viruses because of internet usage from the mobile Hotspot

  • Any attempt to alter data or the configuration of the mobile Hotspot is strictly prohibited and may be considered an act of vandalism and subject to full replacement cost value

  • Borrower must be over 18 years of age and in good standing at the library (no lost materials or accrued fines of over $10.00)

  • Only one Hotspot may be checked out to a family at a time

Legal Propriety

  • Comply with trademark and copyright laws and all license agreements.  Ignorance of the law is not immunity

  • The library is not responsible for any misuse, harm, or any other result due to patron use of the mobile Hotspot

Internet Connection

  • The mobile Hotspot is intended for the use of the patron who checked out the device and their immediate family members

  • Patrons may not profit from renting or charging connection fees to the Hotspot

  • International use, including Mexico or Canada is prohibited

Protection & Storage

  • Patrons must agree to take care of the Hotspot and to make sure it is not dropped or abused to cause the device harm or damage.  Keep it away from water, sand, dirt, dangerous areas, and extreme heat or cold.  If the device is damaged, the patron is financially responsible for the replacement value of the device

  • Please return the device to the Librarian at the Front Desk and do not return it in the Book Drop

  • When not in use, the Hotspot should be stored in a safe and secure location

The Hotspot may be checked out for 7 days with the option of ONE 7 day renewal, provided there are no "holds" on the item.  If there is a "hold on the Hotspot, it may not be renewed. 

The maximum amount of time that a hotspot may be checked out is 2 WEEKS (this includes one renewal).  Patrons must return the hotspot within the two week period to have it physically checked in/checked out again or to get another hotspot as we cannot renew the hotspot more than one time.

  • Overdue Hotspots will be charged $5 per day with a maximum of $205 (replacement cost)

  • Overdue Hotspots will be deactivated within 24 hours after the due date

  • If service is to be deactivated, a service charge of $5 will be applied

  • Borrowers are responsible for any roaming fees

The library reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who abuses equipment or is repeatedly late in returning electronic devices

Replacement Fees

  • Hotspot   $160

  • AC Adapter & Cord  $20

  • Case  $20

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