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Meeting Room Policy


The Board of Trustees of the Harris-Elmore Public Library & Genoa Branch Library invite local organized groups to make use of the Thackrey Meeting Room of the Genoa Branch Library and the Damschroder Room of the Harris-Elmore Public Library for educational, cultural, civic, and community welfare purposes.  Groups desiring use of the meeting room should call the Genoa Library at least 7 days in advance. They must also fill out an application form from the library. Final approval will be made by the Director and in some cases, the Board of Trustees.


1. Groups using the meeting room must be non-sectarian and non-partisan.  It must not be used for religious services.

2. The meeting room is available during the library's normal operating hours.

3. No admittance fee may be charged by the group using the meeting room, nor may there be selling or solicitation of any kind.

4. The meeting room is not available for the benefit of private individuals, or for profit-making commercial groups.  The meeting room may not be used, for instance, as "Sample" meetings      designed to attract the public to later fee-generated meetings.

5. All library transactions with the group will be done through the group representative who signed the application form.  He/she will ultimately be responsible for the actions of the group.

6. All groups and their guests will conduct themselves in an orderly manner so as to not disturb the primary function of the library.  Minors may meet in the room only if a responsible adult signs the form and agrees to chaperone them.  Young children must not be left unattended.  The group representative will assume full responsibility for any loss or damage to library property.

7. Groups using the meeting room are responsible for returning the room to the condition it was in prior to the meeting.  Groups are also responsible for setting up the room to suit their own needs.

8. The Board of Trustees neither approves or disapproves of topics, subject matter, or points of view expressed by those using the meeting room.  Therefore any publicity released to the news media or posted in the community regarding the meeting room must meet the Branch Manager's approval.  The use of the meeting room by non-library groups will not be publicized in such a way as to imply library sponsorship of the group's activities.

9. Alcoholic beverages will not be dispensed or consumed in any part of the library or on library property.  Tobacco use is not permitted in the library.

10. Light refreshments may be served, however the group is responsible for any clean-up.

11. The library reserves the right to cancel or suspend any permission granted to any group or organization who violates these rules and regulations or for any other reason.

12. The final decision regarding the use of the meeting room shall be at the discretion of the Library Director, and in some cases at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

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