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Self-Guided Tour

Ghosts, spirits, haunted houses--all have their believers and their skeptics.  No matter which you are, those things that "go bump in the night" cannot always be explained.  Ghosts make themselves known in various ways.  Sometimes the presence is felt, though there is nothing to see.  Some move things or make noises such as knocking, scraping, footsteps, or voices.  There are those who have been seen as orbs, filmy mists, or sometimes in whole form.  They don't need to be scary; sometimes their presence is comforting, amusing or occasionally terrifying.  The hauntings that we will be talking about on this virtual tour will encompass all of these things.  We try to join historical facts with both rumors and eye witness accounts to tell the story of Elmore's spirits--both past and present.  After reading these tales of Haunted Elmore, YOU will be the judge of what is to be believed and what is not.  


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Harris-Elmore Public Library

328 Toledo St.

Elmore Community Center

410 Clinton St.

317 Toledo St.

336 Augusta St.

344 Lincoln St.

360 Huron St.

621 Rice St.

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Harrington Cemetery

Rice St.


St. John's United Church of Christ

448 Rice St.


420 Ames St.


344 E. 4th St.


449 Toledo St.


Destazio's Pizza

Rice St.


Commodore Perry Credit Union

365 Rice St.


Christy's Corner Cafe

368 Rice St.


Woodmore School

Administrative Offices

349 Rice St.


Elmore Town Hall & Downtown 

344 Rice St.


Elmore General Store

346 Rice St.


Destazio's Bistro

332 Rice St.


231 Maple St.


243 Rice St.


Aldrich Pond


Elmore Train Depot

Ory Park


244 Rice St.


318 Rice St.


310 Rice St.


Schedel Arboretum & Gardens

19255 W. Portage River South


Hanneman Farm

Schultz-Portage Rd.

Harris-Elmore Public Library
328 Toledo St.


This location was the home of Cora Coe Dixey from her birth in 1860. When she was 14, she eloped with a married man, Thomas Dixey. He was the Marshall of Elmore and had left his wife and children in the hotel in which they were boarding. Cora moved back in with her mother a few years later after Dixey died. Cora was in and out of the Toledo State Hospital for the Insane from 1908-1930 as a result of schizophrenia, depression, and violent outbursts. It was rumored that she would beat her mother, locking her up in the house, and then shut herself away for weeks.  After Cora’s death in 1932, firemen burned down the home as it was falling into disrepair.  Many onlookers as well as firemen could see a woman pacing in front of the upstairs window as the house was burning. 

cora coe 1869.jpg
cora coe obit.jpeg

M.J. Coe (left) with her daughter Cora Coe (right) in 1869.

Before the 2001 library remodel, various staff members would report hearing sounds of books being shelved or sometimes books suddenly flying off of the shelves. When staff went to investigate these sounds, they would find no one there.  Sometimes they would find a few shocked patrons who had witnessed the ordeal themselves.  There have also been sounds of a baby wailing or children laughing when no one was in the library except for staff members.

Below is a video explaining the paranormal staff experiences since the 2019 renovation and also the findings from the paranormal investigator group "Brave Ohio Spook Seekers" in September 2020: