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Birth Records

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  • Birth certificate

  • Microfilm

  • Baptismal record

  • Birth registry

  • Name

  • Birthdate

  • Birthplace

  • Residence

  • Parent's Names

  • Race

  • Age of Parents

  • Live or Stillbirth

  • Twin, Triplet, or more

Where Are Obits & Other Records Located?

How to Find Birth Records on Our Website

For Ottawa County there several notebooks with birth registrations from the county probate court. They date from: 1867-1890, 1891-1908,1893-1987


We have digitized the birth records of Dr. Gaillard Willet (Elmore) from 1922-1960. These records can cover both Ottawa & Sandusky Counties. On this page, you have the options of doing a keyword search or browsing the collection


Under the Browse Digital Collections, you will find a specific Birth Record Section. This is useful in narrowing your search.


You can browse or keyword search within this collection. 


There are also birth records available on microfilm that can be viewed on one of the 2 microfilm readers in the room.

It is sometimes helpful to check baptismal records as well. Since the majority of baptisms are done as babies, a birthdate and parent's names would likely be listed in records. Check out the church records section on how to locate these.