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Church Records

What Are They?

What CAN They Tell You?

  • Baptismal Records

  • Confirmation Records

  • Communion Records

  • Marriage Records

  • Funeral Records

  • Transfer Records

  • Financial Records/Minutes

  • Directories/Membership Rolls

  • Church Anniversaries

  • Photographs

  • Births/Deaths/Addresses

  • Family Relationships

  • Who attended the church

  • Who the pastor was

  • When the church was founded/built/moved/disbanded

  • What the church was doing in the community 

Online Resources

Where Are Church Records Located?

Church Record notebooks that contain information about baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and funerals can be found on these two shelves. You can also find church directories here.

Many of these notebooks have been indexed. If there is a numbered sticker on the the spine you can find the corresponding sticker on the boxes with index cards next to the notebooks where you can look for individual names.

There are also church records located in the subjects files. Check the master list for specific churches. We have information for churches from Ottawa, Sandusky, and Wood County.

We also have church records available on microfilm. These can be used on one of the 2 available readers.