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School Records

What Are They?

What CAN They Tell You?

Online Resources

  • Statistics

  • Grade Cards

  • Yearbooks 

  • News Clippings

  • Photographs

  • What grade someone was in/when

  • Who the teachers were/grades taught

  • How well someone did in school

  • What sports or activities someone participated in

  • School location 

  • Clothing/hairstyles

  • What subjects were taught

Where Are School Records Located?

You can find various records/information for Ottawa County schools on this shelf. Information ranges from class listings, one room school houses, and other various statistics

IMG_3445 (2).jpg

Most countries/towns/townships will have a file folder with school information. Be sure to also under sports for these places as well because there's often school sports information/statistics. Be sure to check the master list. For Elmore, be sure to also look under Purple 'N Golds, this was a school newspaper and people are often interested in looking at these. 

There are also issues of Purple 'N Gold that are bound on this shelf. There are some Elmore basketball statistics in the spiralbound booklets next to it.


For school photographs, take a look in the photograph notebooks in addition to the photo section on our website. These photos can vary from class photos, sports photos, building photos, and other achievements from various schools in the area, most are Elmore and Genoa.


We have some Elmore class and sports photos hanging up on the wall in the room.

IMG_3444 (1).jpg

We have yearbooks representing most years for Harris-Elmore/Woodmore and Genoa schools. There are also some random yearbooks from the area located above these. Genoa Library has a more complete collection of Genoa yearbooks than we do if there's a year we don't have. However, you can find many yearbooks on and this is also searchable.

**It should be noted that there may not be yearbooks for the 1930's because of the Great Depression and part of the 1940's because of WWII. Priorities and monies were needed elsewhere, so a yearbook may have never been produced explaining why there might be gaps in between years.

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