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What Are They?

  • Digital Files

  • Photo Albums

  • Slides

  • Daguerreotypes

  • Tintypes 

What CAN They Tell You?

  • Event Documentation

  • Styles of Clothing/Hair styles/Technology- pinpoint year/decade

  • Background detail in the photograph

  • Type of photography used

  • Locations

  • Candid/Formal/Portraits 

Online Resources

Where Are Photographs Located in the Room?

How to Find Photos on Our Website

We have some photos available for viewing in albums. These contain photos from Elmore, Genoa, and the surrounding area. The photos are mostly of: churches, street scenes, businesses, schools, school sports, railroads, bands, military, clubs, organizations, celebrations, miscellaneous, people, and families. 


It should be noted that we have many photos that are unlabeled. So it's hard for us to know where something is or who may be in the photo. Unfortunately we may never fully know this information outside of educated guesses from context clues in the photos.


Sometimes names or a short description may be written on the back. However, sometimes the information written might be inaccurate. Ex: incorrect date, wrong name, etc. 

Many of the scanned photos have been uploaded to our website under the Local History Section. On this page, you have the options of doing a keyword search or browsing the collection


Under the Browse Digital Collections, you will find a specific Photograph Section. This is useful in narrowing your search.


This will take you to our online Photography Section where you can browse or keyword search within the collection. Photos on here have been labeled as best we can to make them searchable and many come with a short description. 

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