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What Are They?

  • House/Land Deeds

  • Atlases/Maps (Sanborn Maps)

  • Phone/City Directories

  • Probate Records

  • Obituaries

  • Land Sales/Transfers

  • Court Records

  • Auditor/Recorder Documents

  • Tax Records

What CAN They Tell You?

  • Addresses/Home Location

  • Age of House/Property

  • Owners/Renters/Heirs

  • Prices of Home/Property

  • Family Member Relationships

  • Time frames of when Families Lived in Areas

How to Find Property Info in the History Room (THE BASICS)

Online Resources

Where Are Obits & Other Records Located?



  • Go to the Ottawa County (or whatever Ohio County) Auditor Website   

  • Go to Search & Accept the Disclaimer

  • Go to address and in the top box put the address # / 2nd box leave blank/ 3rd box put street name

  • You can also search by current owners name (instead of going to address)

  • It gives you the owner name and lot # and acreage—-Click on the PARCEL #

  • This tells you a bit about the house and school district—if you click on RESIDENTIAL it will tell you the year the house was built and when any new constructions or remodels took place

  •  Click on all the tabs to learn more.

  •   It will tell you the list of owners, but only as far back as 2000.


—-> To go further, you need to tell them to go to the Ottawa County Recorders Office:


315 Madison Street

Room 204

Port Clinton, OH 43452



The Recorders Office can tell them the property owners from the very beginning.  Tell them to bring a list of names and we can research those people at the library.


•   If the property is in Elmore proper (borders are the 51 bridge/Tina’s Carryout/Harrington Cemetery/Woodmore HS)—-then we do have some information on maps. 


—>  There is a map with lots and BLUE numbers.