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What Are They?

  • News Clippings- about various topics

  • Periodicals 

  • Records/Statistics

Where Are the Subject Files Located?

They are the tall grey files cabinets along the wall.


While not used very often, there are also index cards that do contain some subject information. Such as Elmore Subjects and Ottawa County Newspaper Subjects. These can be found in the card catalog near the file cabinets

What CAN They Tell You?

  • County, Town, & Township Histories/Information

  • Church Histories, Information, & Records

  • School Histories & Information

  • Cemetery Information

  • Organizational Information

  • Business Information

  • Events/Celebrations

  • Real Estate Information

  • Sports Information/Statistics

  • Miscellaneous Historic Information

How to Find Subject Files

  • All of the Subject Files are in individual file folders in alphabetical order.

  • The drawers that have Subject Files are labeled in alphabetical order.

  • The complete listing of Subject Files is contained on the local history master list file

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