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Probate Records

What Are They?

  • A probate record is created by the local court upon an individual’s death.

  • The records deal with the distribution of the estate and care of dependents.

  • Probate took place regardless of a will or no will.

  • Various types of record are created such as: bonds, petitions, accounts, inventories, and administrations.

What CAN They Tell You?

  • An individual’s exact death date

  • Names of family members

  • Family relationships

  • Names of spouses of children  

  • Residences

  • Adoption or guardianship of minor children or dependents

  • Worth of the property and land holdings 

  • Evidence of lunacy, occupation, religion, or military service

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Where Are Probate Records Located?

Probate Records are located in the the file cabinets along the wall.

The index for the probate records can be found in the wooden card catalog. 

The file cabinet drawers are organized by batches. The card catalog will tell you which batch to look under for a particular person.

For example:

The index card for Henry Dressler says B13, so you would look for Henry Dressler's file under Batch 13.

Information can also be found the notebooks to the opposite of the wooden card catalog.

We also have probate records available on microfilm drawers that can be viewed on either of the 2 microfilm readers in the history room. 

Click here for how to use the equipment