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Marriage Records

What Are They?

What CAN They Tell You?

Online Resources

  • Marriage licenses

  • Newspaper announcements

  • Divorces

  • Anniversaries

  • Church Records

  • Where someone was married

  • Who performed the service

  • Religious and congregation affiliation

  • Date of marriage

  • Names of relatives/guests

  • Ages

  • Occupations

  • Residences

  • Date of divorce

  • Children's names

  • Reasons for dissolution

Where Are Marriage Records Located?


We have wedding and anniversary news clippings organized by last name in notebooks.


The index for this is located in the card catalog.  They have the yellow 6 sticker that corresponds with the binders.


You can search by either bride or groom last name. 


How to Find Marriage Records on our Website

We have digitized marriage records from Ottawa and Sandusky Counties ranging from the 1860s-1970s. Records include Marriage Licenses, News Announcements, Divorces, and Anniversaries. On this page, you have the options of doing a keyword search or browsing the collection


Under the Browse Digital Collections, you will find a specific Birth Record Section. This is useful in narrowing your search.


You can browse or keyword search within this collection. 


It can also be helpful to look in church records, but many of them list marriages that were performed at that particular church. 


You can find marriages from the Ottawa County Probate court 1840-1890 and Ottawa County Divorces 1830s-1870s (also includes: Bastardy, Breach of Marriage and Adulatory court cases) in notebooks.

Additionally the Ottawa County Marriage Record book, can be very useful. Look for the corresponding yellow sticker on the card catalog for the index. Marriages are organized by year in the book, so if you don't know the year, you can look by last name. The book goes up to 1913.

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