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Court/Legal Records

What Are They?

  • ​Tax Records

  • Chancery Records

  • Jury Records

  • Witness Records

  • Corner's Inquest Records

  • Justice of the Peace Records

  • Bastardy Records

  • Guardianship Records

  • Court of Common Pleas Records

  • Probate Court Records

What CAN They Tell You?

  • Names

  • Dates

  • Home Locations

  • Finances

  • Properties

  • Cause of death

  • Family Relationships

  • Background Information

Online Resources

Courthouse Information for Ottawa and Sandusky Counties

The Ottawa County Probate Court is located at:

315 Madison St.

Port Clinton, OH 43452

(419) 734-6830

Record Types:

Birth Records 1867-1908

Death Records 1869-1908

Marriage Records July 1840-Present

Estate Records 1849-Present

The Ottawa County Health Department is located at:

1856 E. Perry St.

Port Clinton, OH 43452

(419) 734-6800

Record Types:

Birth Certificates Dec. 20, 1908-Present

Death Certificates Dec. 20, 1908-Present

The Sandusky County Court of Common Pleas

is located at:

100 N. Park Ave. 

Suite A

Fremont, OH 43430

(419) 334-6211

Record Types:

Birth Records 1867-1908

Death Records 1867-1908

Marriage Records 1820-Present (indexed until 1900)

Case Files (Estate etc.) #4431-22279 (Probate Ct. Attic)

                                        #22280-26881 (Basement)

                                        #26882-Presernt (1st Floor)

The Sandusky County Board of Health is located at:

2000 Countryside Dr.

Fremont, OH 43420

(419) 334-6377

Record Types:

Birth and Death Certificates 1909-Present

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Library (Microfilm Files) 

Spiegel Grove

Fremont, OH 43420

(419) 332-2081

Record Types:

Will Files #1-#9307

Estate Files #1-#4450

Guardian Files #1-#4450

Trust Files #1-#4450

Where Are Court/Legal Records Located?


Various court records for both Ottawa and Sandusky Counties are available on microfilm which can be viewed on one of the 2 available readers. 


How to Find Court/Legal Info on our website

We have some scanned court records uploaded to our website under the Local History Section. On this page, you have the options of doing a keyword search or browsing the collection


Under the Browse Digital Collections, you will find a specific Court Records Section. This is useful in narrowing your search.


This will take you to our online Court Record Section where you can browse or keyword search within the collection. 

For most counties in the area, there should be a subject file that can contain various pieces of information such as records or news clippings. Example Files: Ottawa County Court Cases, Ottawa County Courthouse/Judges. Please check the master list for a complete listing.


There are also various records that are located here, such as Guardian Dockets or Bastardy/Adultery Records


Ottawa County Coroner's Inquest information for 1842-1939 is located here.


Ottawa County Common Pleas Court Transcriptions (also some Chancery & Justice of the Peace records) can be found in these binders. 


They should have name indexes at the beginning of each binder.


These card catalogs on top of the file cabinets also help you find court records.  They are now labeled with ORANGE #1 Stickers and the file cabinet associated with it also has the orange sticker.

They say Common Pleas Court Liber 223 and Liber 224.  They list the name and a number either in black pen or red pen. The red pen is Liber 224 and black is Liber 223.


In the file cabinet there are folders labeled Liber 223 or Liber 224.  Find which one you need...the numbers you found on the index card are written on the top in the center of each document going in numerical order.  

These are hand written documents and are very difficult to read.

Be sure to also look at the Probate Records tips page as well.

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