Instructions for Windows PC


  1. Download: OverDrive OR Libby App (For Windows 10 or newer ONLY on LIBBY)

  2. For more e-book options, go to Hoopla 

  3. Find Harris-Elmore Public Library

  4. Enter Library Card # & PIN

  5. Checkout & Download Books

  6. For Ohio Digital Library, choose EPUB or open PDF Format

  7. Or read it in your browser with the OverDrive Read format

You can keep books for up to 3 weeks, 10 items at a time per account.

Need more help?  Try these instructions.

Windows 7 or older       Windows 8 or 10


  1. Install this Software: Windows Media Player (version 9 or newer)

  2. Install this Software: OverDrive Media Console

  3. OR Download this app: OverDrive App OR Libby App (For Windows 10 or newer ONLY on LIBBY)

  4. For more audiobook options, go to Hoopla

  5. Find Harris-Elmore Public Library

  6. Enter Library Card # & PIN

  7. Checkout & Download Books

  8. For Ohio Digital Library, choose MP3 or WMA format

You can keep books for up to 3 weeks, 10 items at a time per account.

tv/movies & music

  1. Go to Hoopla 

  2. Find Harris-Elmore Public Library

  3. Enter Library Card #

  4. Enter your email (username) & make a password [this is how you will sign on in the future]

  5. Stream Media immediately

You can check out up to 10 items at a time per account on Hoopla each month.  


Items are checked out for 1-3 weeks.

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