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Small Town Pride Logo.png

July - December 2023

September 25th

Genoa @6:30 PM

July 24th

Fremont @6:30 PM

September 2023.png

November 27TH 

Holland @ 6:30 PM

November 2023.png

Ten Steps to Nanette

Hannah Gadsby

The Color Purple

Alice Walker

Patricia Wants to Cuddle

Samantha Allen

October 23rd

Elmore @6:30 PM

august 28th

King Road @6:30 PM

December 18th

Elmore @ 6:00 PM

August 2023.png

Raising LGBTQ Allies

Chris Tompkins

October 2023.png


Angela Chen

December 2023.png

   Join us for cookies

and hot chocolate as

we watch a fun LGBTQ+

holiday movie!

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