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Library Card Policy


A library card is a valuable resource. A library patron is responsible for all materials checked out on their library card, and if such materials are returned late (hotspots and laptops), damaged, or lost, the patron is responsible for paying fines or replacement fees. The parent or legal guardian of a minor patron is responsible for all materials checked out on the minor patron’s card.


A patron must present a library card in order to check out materials. Library card accounts may also be accessed by looking up the card holders name when a library card is not present.  Library patrons must be physically present in the library in order for items to be charged to their card. Adult cardholders may sign a Library Cardholder Agreement allowing another adult or their minor child use of their card.


Because minors do not usually have access to photo identification, library staff will provide services to a minor for that minor patron’s account, provided that minor patron can verify his or her name and birth date.


Borrower Registration


Children, age two and older are eligible to register for a library card with parental permission and signature.


Adults, patrons age 18 and over, must present valid photo identification with the current, correct, mailing address. If the photo ID does not have the current mailing address, the patron may present a utility bill, bank mailing, or other postmarked item of mail as proof of address.


A patron under age 18 may register for a library card, but must have the signature of his or her parent or guardian on the registration form, and the parent or guardian must present the required identification as outlined above; the signature will satisfy the requirement for identification for the patron under age 18.


Patrons may be issued a Harris-Elmore Public Library or Genoa Branch Library card if other SEO library cards do not exist in the SEO system or have been inactive for more than 3 years.


Visitor Cards


Non Ohio residents may obtain a visitor card for $1.00 that is valid for a period of 90 days.  Non residents must show photo identification and must apply for a card in person.  This card will allow them to have access to library physical and digital collections and library services during this time period.  Additionally, the following conditions apply to a visitor card:


Borrowing Limit: 20 checkouts; 10 items on hold


Borrowing privileges will be denied if card holders have 5 or more items overdue or if there are $5 or more in charges on their library account.


Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards


A patron should report a lost or stolen library card to the library as soon as possible. The owner of a lost or stolen library card is responsible for all material checked out on that card up to the time that he or she reported to the library that it lost or stolen. The patron may request a replacement for a lost or stolen card in person at the library.


A replacement card costs $1.00.


Badly damaged cards will be replaced upon request. The patron is not required to pay other fines and fees accrued on the card at the time of reissue.


Restrictions of Borrowing Privileges


Borrowing privileges will be denied when a patron has charges that exceeds $5.00.


Access to computer use or other library services is not restricted.


Borrowing Periods


General Collection:    28 day Loan Period

Holiday Collection:  7 day loan period

DVDs:  7 day loan period

Hotspots and Chromebooks:  7 day loan period


Borrowing Limits


A maximum of 50 items may be charged to one library card.


Reference collection items may not be checked out unless approved by the Director.


Regular items may be renewed twice unless they have been placed on hold by another patron.

Revised by the Harris-Elmore Public Library Board of Trustees on September 11, 2023

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