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Pictureka! Disney Edition

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Pictureka! Disney Edition

A whole host of Disney characters are hiding from you, and you'll need to find them when you play Pictureka! Disney Edition. Set out the nine gameboard tiles, then take turns to draw cards. Roll the dice, and race against your friends, or the timer, to spot the characters on each card, to win that card. The player who finishes the game with the most cards wins! Your favorite Disney characters, from Aladdin and Tinkerbell to Sleeping Beauty and Mickey, appear in the wacky Pictureka! doodle style. Ramp up the challenge, by combining gameboard tiles and cards with other Pictureka! sets. Pictureka! Disney Edition is a fun game for the whole family, that can help develop observation skills.

  • 12 Disney Game Tiles

  • 1 Die

  • 55 Mission Cards

  • Sand Timer


Suggested Age:

Play Time:

Game Complexity:

2 - 7






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