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What Are They?

  • News clippings

  • Journals

  • Minutes/memberships/reports/bank statements

  • Compiled histories

  • Photographs

What CAN They Tell You?

  • Member names

  • Finances

  • Projects/outreach

  • Community activities/happenings

  • Scores/sporting events

Online Resources

Where Are Obits & Other Records Located?

In​ the subject files for most towns and counties there news clippings for various community organizations and activities over the years

Some specific compiled histories we have in the collection is for Chippewa Golf Club in Curtice, Ottawa County Shooting Club, and Portage Lodge Masons 

Contained in these boxes are varying amounts of information from clubs in the area such as: Elmore Federal Women's Club, Service Star Legion- Elmore Chapter, Community Improvement Club, Home Demonstration Council, Elmore Mother's Club, Rural Community Club, Elmore Study Club, Home Art Club.

There may also be photos of various clubs and organizations available. Check the photographs section on how to look these up.