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Business Records

What Are They?

What CAN They Tell You?

  • News clippings

  • Photographs

  • Addresses

  • Advertisements

  • Ledgers

  • Minutes

  • Locations

  • Business Types

  • Services Offered

  • Inventories

  • Owners

  • Prices

  • Names of People that Purchased Items

  • Placing People at a certain location in specific years

Online Resources

How to Find Business Info in the Room

One of the main places to look for Business Information is in the Subject Files. Nearly every town in the area will have a Business file folder with varying amounts of information. The complete listing can be found on the local history master list. These files are mostly news clippings about various businesses, but also can include advertisements and other records.


There are also photos of interiors and exteriors of some businesses in Elmore, Genoa, and the surrounding area in the photo albums. Be sure to also look at street scene photos, which may have elements of many business exteriors


You can also browse through the photograph section on our website


Another helpful place to look for Elmore Business info is Grace Luebke's book, "Elmore: A History Preserved". Check the index in the back of the book for business names or business owners name (if you happen to know it). This is really helpful with a lot of early businesses in town and has a lot of other random info.


Looking in the Ottawa County Directories can also tell you a business' address, but keep in mind that an address number can change over time. 

Be sure to also check the Ottawa County Exponent in addition to business information you can often find advertisements for many local businesses. 


Click here for a semi-comprehensive historic business listing for ELMORE

Click here for a semi-comprehensive historic business listing for GENOA


In the back on the crank shelves we have Elmore business ledgers in labeled boxes available for viewing.

  • Brandes & Company Store Ledgers 1919-1918; 1923-1924

  • Brandes Grocery Ledger 1925

  • Brandes, Penfield & Trautman Ledger 1901-

  • Frese Store Ledgers 1899-1900

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