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Social Media Policy

The Harris-Elmore Public Library has established sites on social media platforms to inform library users of programs, events or other news.  Social media is defined as any online publication including social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, blogs, wikis, and other video-sharing sites.  The goal of these tools is to allow the library to engage with community members more closely and utilize different communication methods to exchange information and ideas.


Employees assigned to update and manage the social media accounts will monitor the accounts regularly, and, during the work day, shall visit the accounts for library business purposes only.  All posts to official library media sites shall be approved by the director, assistant director, or branch manager.


The library will attempt to observe all copyright, fair use, and invasion of privacy laws when updating or adding content to the sites.


The library will receive consent, either in writing or verbally, before posting photos of individuals on library social media sites.


Postings by individuals to the library's sites,inconsistent with the goal of providing information and ideas, as determined by the library, may be removed at the library's discretion.  Examples of these postings include, but are not limited to: advertisements, charitable solicitations or political campaigning, copyrighted material, obscene or illegal materials, harassing or discriminatory content, or slanderous or libelous statements.


Employees should be aware that information they share on their personal social media sites may be interpreted as representing official library-sponsored information or comments.  Employees should make it clear that the views expressed are their personal views and do not represent the views of the library.  They should keep in mind that their personal accounts may be viewed by others.


The library is not responsible or liable for content posted by third parties on library sponsored social media sites, and this content does not represent the opinions of the library, employees, or Board of Trustees.


Approved by Board of Trustees on November 13, 2017

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