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Flapjack Flipout

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Flapjack Flipout

Flapjack Flipout is a dexterity race of contestants for the position of short order cook for Flappin' Jack's restaurant.

There are 5 types of pancakes in Flapjack Flipout and each Order Card indicates type and number of pancakes required. As soon as the card is revealed, players grab pancakes from the random community stacks, place them on their griddles face up to see what type of pancake they are, then need to successfully flip them face down in order to cook the other side.

Players need to remember where they keep their cooked pancakes and ring the bell as soon as they think they can fill the order. If correct, the player earns the order card as a point. If not, that player sits out until the order is correctly filled.

  • 6 Griddles

  • 35 Order Cards

  • 50 Flapjacks

  • Bell

  • Instructions


Suggested Age:

Play Time:

Game Complexity:

2 - 6






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