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Name:________________________________  Phone Number: _________________________


Number of Items to be Laminated:_________    


Description of Items:____________________________________________________________


*A Drivers License will be required to pick up completed documents.


Price Guide 

$0.50 – 2 ½” x 3 ¾” (Business Card)     $1.00 –  9” x 11 ½” (Letter)   $1.50 – 11” x 17” (Menu Size)



Due to the heat process involved in lamination and the possibility of special coatings on the materials, the library assumes no liability as to its effect on the items being laminated. Patrons are advised that discoloration, bubbling, and possible damage are a probability when laminating.


The information that is to be processed may not represent treason or libel (as proven in court) or pornography.


Copyright Statement: The Library adheres to the copyright laws of the United States (Title 7 US Code) governing the making of copies of copyrighted materials.


List of items that CANNOT be laminated:


  • Social Security Card 

  • Medicare Card

  • Anything Issued by the Government

  • Anything with a Security Feature

  • Diplomas or Degrees

  • Any Certificates (e.g. Birth, Death, or Divorce)

  • Property or Business Ownership


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