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January 25th @6:30pm

The Unsolved Murder
of JonBenét Ramsey

We Have Your Daughter by Paula Woodward

If you 

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Other Resources

Print Copies Available at the Genoa Library
Perfect Murder Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller

Audiobook and Ebook

The Cases That Haunt Us by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker
Audiobook and Ebook

JonBenét: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas

JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery-  Investigation Discovery
DVD copies at Genoa Library

JonBenét Ramsey: What Really Happened?- Discovery +

Casting JonBen
ét- Netflix

The Case of:
JonBenét - purchase from Amazon Prime

The Killing of JonBenét: The Truth Uncovered- purchase from Amazon Prime

Nearly every podcast has made an episode about this case:
Here is a good round up.

Generation Why

True Crime Garage

The Killing of JonBenet: The Final Suspects


Other Sources:
Rolling Stone article on suspects
Burke Ramsey 3 part interview on Dr. Phil on Youtube
People magazine article on interview
ABC Article about investigator Lou Smit 


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February 22nd

Case: Maura Murray


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