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Fines & Fees Policy

As of March 30, 2020, the Harris-Elmore Public Library and Genoa Branch Library will be fine free for all patrons.  All overdue charges prior to this date will be removed from patron records, but all charges on lost or damaged items will remain. 


Overdue Charges for General Collections


The Harris-Elmore Public Library and the Genoa Branch Library do not charge fines for overdue items (with the exception of HOTSPOTS & CHROMEBOOKS) after their return. However, a patron should renew eligible items to avoid materials being assumed lost.  If 5 or more items are not returned by their original due date, borrowers will not be able to check out additional materials.


Wi-Fi Hot Spots................... $5.00 per day

Maximum Charge Threshold of $165.00 (replacement cost of item)

Replacement Fees

  • Hotspot   $130

  • AC Adapter & Cord  $20

  • Case  $15

Overdue Hot Spots & Chromebooks will be deactivated after 24 hours and an additional service charge of $5.00 will be placed on the borrowers library account.


Fees for Lost or Damaged Materials

Patrons failing to return library materials after 30 days shall be assessed the replacement costs of the unreturned items. No charges are assessed for minor damages. If the item is damaged to the extent that it must be replaced, the patron is charged the current replacement cost. A printed receipt will be given the patron for all fees paid.  


If a previously reported lost item is found, refunds for fees paid will be provided with valid receipt within one year of the payment of the fees.  Refunds will be made via check and mailed to the patron.

Loss of Borrowing Privileges

No additional items may be checked out on any library card for the following reasons:


  • There are 5 or more items overdue and not returned

  • Replacement fees for lost or damaged items reach over $10.00

  • Borrowers have lost items on their card that are not returned or replaced.


Overdue Notices & Renewals

Most library items are allowed up to 4 renewals as long as there are no holds or the renewal limit hasn’t been reached.  All eligible items will automatically renew on the day it is due and doesn’t have any requests on it or it hasn’t already met the renewal limit.  Every time an item is automatically renewed patrons will get an email notice stating the renewal was either successful or not successful.  


When an item is 7 days overdue, a notice is mailed e-mailed to the patrons with addresses on file. An item 30 days overdue is considered lost.

Approved by the Board of Trustees February 10, 2020

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