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Petty Cash Policy

The petty cash fund is established to all the Library to pay for minor expenses ($20 or less) that are purchased for official library business and for which the issuance of a formal voucher would be impractical.  Incidental expenses allowed through petty cash are registered mail, postage, and emergency supplies.

The petty cash fund may not be used for personal cash advances, or gift cards.  Likewise, petty cash may not be used for reimbursable business expenses such as meals or travel arrangements.

The petty cash fund amount will be established by a resolution of the Library to $100 at each the Elmore Branch and the Genoa Branch.  The Library Director and Branch Manager will the pity cash custodians at each location.  Employees must obtain approval before using petty cash for purchases.  After the purchase, the employee must furnish an original, itemized, dated receipt to include on the petty cash envelope.  A running balance will be kept on the front of the envelope to determine how much is left.  Once the amount gets around $20, the Director or Branch Manager will then request reimbursement from the Fiscal Officer.  The Fiscal Officer will reconcile the receipts to the amount left in the envelope and reimburse the Library to replenish the petty cash back up to $100.  Any cash withdrawals made from the bank must have two signatures, with one being the Fiscal Officer's and one being an authorized signer on the account (Library Board of Trustees member). 

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